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The jar files that are required by the Spencer components can be found at the links below (at the time of writing) and although they are required by this application, otherwise they are not affiliated to it in any way
The versions alluded to here have been proven to work with Spencer - newer versions may offer increased performance and stability or they may prove to be incompatible. Feel free to test new versions and let me know how you fare.
Tomcat Servlet Container
MySQL Database Server
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Welcome to Spencer
Spencer was born out of a need to index a filestore - which was continually used by a team of people to store miscellaneous documents, files and other items - which had become somewhat unruly in terms of organisation and storage.

A commonly recurring theme was that although someone knew that a certain file was present, nobody knew exactly where it was.

I started off by attempting to implement some widely used groupware/content management systems to control the inflow of files to the repository but with the primary method of filestore access being via SMB mapped drives and there being well in excess of 300,000 files in the store, a migration away from this was not only impractical but would prove such an obstacle to quick and convenient file access that it would defeat its own object.
Indexing the existing store without removing the SMB access to the share proved to be the only solution but there was very little success to be had when searching for the appropriate toolset. Existing tools were not sufficient in that they precluded access via SMB shares, did not have the capacity to quickly and effectiviely deal with the number of files in the store or could not be adapted for reasonable workgroup/team scale access.
So I wrote my own and here it is! I won't go in to how it works here, the links to the left will tell you that. Just dive in and use it!
The Spencer suite does not profess to be unique - it does however promise to 'do what it says on the tin' and has been proven to work. Please give it a try and let me know what you think.
The page you are viewing uses the same layout as the actual Spencer browser and search interface. It is customisable in Spencer via the css switching option.

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